Quality-Our Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy of Sona Group shall be to spin and supply yarns of excellent quality to the total satisfaction of its customers.

This shall be achieved through continuous improvements in processes with the involvement of employees, at all levels of the organisation.

Main Features :
  1. Intensive training to operators in work practices and involve them in activities concerning quality and growth.
  2. To develop and establish documented quality system to translate and implement the quality policy in all activities of the organisation.
  3. To develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationship with business associates to continuously improve our products.
  4. To conduct our business in a manner that is socially acceptable and commands respect, social responsibility is shouldered by complying with the laws of the state. Conventions of the society and by maintaining a safe, clean and healthy environment.
  5. To achieve and sustain reputation for quality.
Testing Equipments Used
  • Testing Done for Fibres
  • Fiber fineness Tester for Micronaire.
  • Shirley Trash Analyser for Trash content in material.
  • Uster fibrograph for length testing.
  • AFIS for Neps Study
  • Stelometer for Strength Testing
  • Moisture Tester for Moisture content Tester.
  • Electronic Balance
Yarn and Sliver - Preparatory process of yarn
  1. Wrap Block
  2. Wrap Reel
  3. Compusorter
  4. Lea Strength Tester
  5. Uster Eveness Tester with spectrograph
  6. Twist Tester
  7. Appearance Board (ASTM)
  8. Single Yarn Strength Tester (Uster Tenso Rapid)
  9. Yarn Classimat Tester
In Process Testing
  1. Roller Eccentricity Tester
  2. Top roll Pressure Gauges
  3. Shore Hardness Tester
  4. Yarn Tension Meter
  5. Tachometer



Natural Fibre
  • Fibre Properties
  • Span lengths
  • Uniformity ratio
  • Mic value
  • Trash %
  • Fibre strength
Synthetic Fibre and Regenerated Fibre
  1. Length Uniformity
  2. Denier
  3. Spin Finish
  4. Moisture Content
  1. Cleaning Efficiency
  2. Waste Percentage Extracted
  3. Openness value of material
  4. Neps/gms in each stage of material from mixing to lap
  5. Amount of fibre rupture
  6. Lap meter to meter C.V.
  1. Cleaning Efficiency
  2. Waste Percentage
  3. Neps/gms in sliver
  4. Card wrapping
  5. Sliver U%
  1. Sliver U% (Finisher Drawing only)
  2. Drawing wrapping
  3. Drawing one yard CV%
  4. Top roll pressure and cots trueness checking
  5. Fibre rupture
  6. Stop motion checking

Comber Preparatory

S/L & R/L
  1. Within lap C.V%
  2. Speeds, Settings and Wheels Checking
  1. Comber Noils & Comber Wrapping
  2. U%
  3. Stop motion checking
  4. Combing Efficiency
  1. Roving Stretch% and wrapping checking
  2. U%
  3. End Breakage Study
  4. Top roll pressure checking
  5. Bottom roll Eccentricity Checking
  6. Frame Diagnostic Survey
  1. Frame wrapping
  2. Framewise U% and yarn imperfection
  3. Classimat fault (One set cops and one set cone)
  4. TPI checking
  5. Frame Diagnostic Survey
  6. Top roll pressure checking
  7. Bottom roll Eccentricity checking
  1. Cops winding study
  2. Knotter condition and splicing yarn appearance checking
  3. Splicing strength
  4. Cone weight and cone defect checking
  5. Clearing Efficiency of clearer
  6. Cone Rewinding
Cheese Winding and T.F.O.
  1. Stop motion checking
  2. TPI Checking
  3. Breakage study
  4. Diagnostic Survey
Open End Spinning
  1. Count checking
  2. Breakage study
  • Packed material weighment checking
  • U.V lamp checking
General Instrument
  1. Lea tester, Single yarn tester, Stellometer, Fineness tester
  2. Eveness tester, Twist tester
  3. Electronic Balance

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