Mission Statement

Valliappa Transcriptions (Vscribe) mission is to be a world class transcription company offering quality transcriptions with high level accuracy to the delight of our customers.


Our vision is to be a global player in the transcription business and by the year 2003, to have about 1200 employees. This vision will be achieved with a highly skilled workforce, who are trained to achieve high quality, in our support services.

About Vscribe

Inaugurating Vscribe is a brand new facility that has been set up to accommodate 50 transcriptions. A first shift with about 50 transcriptions is already functioning. By March 2000, this facility should house 150 employees.

Why should hospitals, healthcare institutions and medical transcription companies look at offshore facilities?

There is a freeze and cut in healthcare budgets all over. This is forcing all organisations in the healthcare industry to reduce costs. There is a direct cost benefit by outsourcing transcription work from offshore companies. The logistics problem is solved by telenetworking i.e. by having satellite connectivity and by internet.

What can we offer?

We can offer an integrated full transcriptions service with hardware, software and other infrastructure along with highly trained and skilled people i.e. we offer a total offshore based transcription company.

What do we do?

Voice files are up-linked from an American transcription company/hospitals. We download the files from an FTP server. We transcribe immediately and uplink the text files after transcribing, proof reading and formatting.

What make our services better?

We have a rigorous training methodology for our employees. We proof read all the files for accuracy. We check thoroughly for:

  • Language and medicine
  • Grammar
  • Customer's specifications
  • General formatting

We are able to offer even a turnaround time of 8 hours (we also offer 16 and 24 hour turnaround time).

We can offer satellite links which make us accessible instantaneously and continuously. We have a direct satellite earth station in our building. This makes the link extremely reliable and quick.

We can offer a 24x7 working environment as we are dealing in healthcare and we deal in lives and we believe it requires instantaneous and prompt attention.

Since when have you been dealing with Vscribe?

We are dealing with the Sona Valliappa Group of companies a multi-million dollar business group involved in business and industry for over 60 years. It employs over 2000 people in the diverse areas of Software Support Services, Education, Textiles and Plantations.

Valliappa Software Technological Park has set up a separate division for concentrating on the healthcare division (Veecare).

Vscribe (Valliappa Transcriptions) is set up exclusively to offer support services in the field of transcriptions.


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