An integrated web based IT Support solution Valliappa Software Technological Park has set-up a separate healthcare division primarily; to address the healthcare industry, which is one of the most, diversified sectors. It encompasses doctors, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurance companies and patients. It is estimated that in the healthcare industry alone, an amount of over $500 million is wasted primarily due to administration and lack of proper information. The logistics are mind-boggling. Imagine tracking 290 million patients, 600,000 doctors, over 10000 heath insurance providers, in excess of 1000 labs and numerous pharmaceutical shops and companies as well. Valliappa Software Medical Division Vee Care will address each sector of the healthcare business. As most of these services are offered offshore from India, we will have a definite cost advantage.Vee Care will offer IT enabled web-based solutions for:

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- Medical transcription services [Services offered for doctors].

What are the issues facing doctors today?

Doctors are faced with the huge task of simultaneously tracking patients, checking up lab reports, billing and keeping abreast with the latest developments in technology. They also have to keep in sync with the pharmaceutical industry and update their medicinal knowledge. Last but not the least, they have to care for their patients.

How are these issues being managed currently?

Parts of these problems are being addressed by some doctors management system. They only cover half the problems of automating and making life easy. There is no integrated approach. Medical cases do not follow a structured pattern. Therefore, it requires an element of human tracking as well.

What is the USP, we bring in?

Our system will integrate the various functions of the doctor's activity and have back office facility addressing and monitoring each and every issue of the doctor to help and co-ordinate with the doctor's physician to help him or her concentrate on the job.

What services can we offer?

  • Vee Care will do the doctor's transcriptions, using its V-scribe division. A dedicated transcriptions unit. We will pick up the files and download the transcribed files back; and even in the same day or in hours if so desired.
  • We will offer a programme, where the patients are monitored case by case.
  • We will co-ordinate with laboratories in tracking reports and checking their status.
  • We will co-ordinate with pharmaceutical companies in keeping track of the latest developments in the medical field and will update the doctors, in areas of their choice.
  • Here, the doctor would not need to browse through enormous information in various journals. As we will offer in one capsule the entire information as desired by him or her.
  • We will notify patients, to remind them of their forthcoming appointments.
  • We will co-ordinate with the labs in tracking laboratory reports and help quickening the process.
  • And any other such service that may be required.

What other facilities, do we provide a doctor?

Vee Care will provide doctorial assistance, i.e. we will have doctors here, in our back office facility who will be sounding boards for doctors. They will help guide the doctor about a kind of drug, allergies, symptoms or any other information he or she may need it. This chat will be offered as text or voice facility.

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Patients support

  • Recent surveys indicate that over 1/3 of the patients who go to doctors today have done some background research about their ailment, illness, etc.
  • In today's information era, patients would like to keep themselves abreast with knowledge and information.
  • Numerous insurance and health plans are available. For a patient choosing the right health plans could be a hassle.
  • Often patients are left wondering if there is a doctor close by, when there is one almost next door.

How can Vee Care helps patients?

  • Vee Care offers an integrated healthcare solution for patients stemming from the fact that we focus on the entire healthcare industry, thereby becoming easier to help patients.
  • Vee Care will scout around for the latest medical journals, newspapers and various other source of information. We will search for discoveries, innovations or procedures with regard to any healthcare issue. For instance, they might have developed a latest pacemaker or a new drug introduced which can be a substitute for angioplasti. It might even be an article giving the high success rate of laser-based eye correction, etc.
  • This information will be collected, streamlined and emailed to patients i.e., the patient will get customised information.
  • We will have a large database of many insurance health plans and will offer our dedicated service at time of choosing the right plan.
  • We will do this in an open and transparent manner. Stemming from the fact that our vision is to integrate the entire healthcare sector, we will have ready information of hospitals, doctors, labs, and patients, pharmaceutical and insurance companies to readily interact with.
In a sense, Vee Care will offer integrated customised medical support for patients.

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Service support for insurance companies and healthcare plan providers

What are the issues confronting insurance and healthcare organisations?

The clamour for low rates is almost universal. The competition is ever increasing. The demand for prompt and immediate attention to offer new and innovative products is increasing.

What is holding back these organisations?
  • The information available for this industry is not properly kept.
  • The data available is often not accurate and obsolete.
  • Data is stored in many places and different formats.

What can Vee Care offer?
  • We offer a one-stop focal point for all data integration, i.e., for storage, retrieval, upkeep and feeding.
  • These will alleviate the multi-point data storage. This data will become an integrated data bank.
  • Vee Care will have a large database of potential customers. This could be used for tapping new business.
What are the benefits of the Vee Care system?
  • Insurance and healthcare companies will have all their information at one click. With large amounts of integrated data bank, we can use this data for the clients’ benefit i.e. offer value-added services.
  • Quick and attentive services can be offered
  • Using our CRM centre, we can offer customer relationship support.

In short Vee Care will offer an integrated one-stop solution for the insurance and healthcare sector.

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Issues that are grappling the hospital industry

The hospital industry has been facing tough competition with the increase in the number of quality hospitals. Insurance companies and the healthcare industry has become very cost conscious in seeing an overall reduction in the medical budget.

How can Vee Care help the hospital industry?

V-care will offer an integrated solution for the entire hospital industry. It will address issues like, transcription services, sourcing management, laboratory management, inventory management and accounts and administration management.

What can Vee Care do for the hospital industry?

  • A hospital would like to know if the patient is insured, and if he is, what area is the patient covered for? Ideally the hospital wants this information immediately. Vee Care could offer this information, as it plans to integrate with the insurance companies and patients.
  • Vee Care will do the transcriptions, using its V-scribe division; a dedicated transcriptions unit. We will pick up the files and download the transcribed files back. And even in the same day or in a matter of hours, if so desired.
  • Vee Care will look at leveraging global costs in the area of sourcing management. E.g. It could be sourcing bed linen from South Asia, hospital beds from Africa, lighting from Australia, i.e., to leverage the lowest cost prevailing worldwide. We will also leverage the large scale of purchasing to the hospital's benefit.
  • VeeCare will leverage on its supply chain management expertise and form a single logistics backbone to work on; just in time principles.
  • Book-keeping and administration costs are a big burden for hospitals, today. The huge amount of data gets piled up resulting in backlogs. Vee Care will offer its accounting back office as a backbone to manage these accounts offshore.

Hospitals will benefit in using Vee Care, which will reduce the overall cost of doing business, quicken the response time and reduce the input cost.

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Vee Care services for laboratories

How are the labs doing business?

  • Laboratories are today faced with the difficult task of providing immediate information, almost online i.e. Doctors are referring their cases to the laboratories and want the results back instantaneously.
  • Laboratories have all along been structured for doing core activity of testing using the services of lab doctors, radiologists and lab technicians. Laboratories are not fully equipped to handle the communication.
  • They may not have the logistic management skills required.

How will Vee Care help in addressing these issues?
  • Vee Care will bridge this gap and offer a web-based solution. We will co-ordinate between hospitals, doctors and laboratories and see that there is a smooth, quick and efficient transfer of information and reports.
  • As a value added service, Vee Care will also place radiologists and other medical support on call. This pool of talented individuals will offer their services if required and comment on a scan or report, or discuss about cases.
  • They will also offer other medical related services like checking similar case histories, doing research on a specific issue, etc.
By offering its support services, Vee Care will relieve labs from the other activities and leave them to concentrate on their core objective of offering laboratory services.

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Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies, today have the unique opportunity to leverage the web in promoting their business and reducing the cost of doing business. A pharmaceutical company has relied on the age-old practice of selling through Medical Reps. This system of selling is becoming costly, ineffective and is proving to be a deterrent. Medical Reps lose a lot of time in travelling and waiting for appointments. For doctors, time is precious and they do not want to waste too much time discussing with Medical Reps.

How can Vee Care help pharma companies?
  • Vee Care offers an excellent module, where it services the pharmaceutical industry by giving precise information directly to the doctors.
  • Vee Care will have a large data bank of doctors and labs, with details as to what type of information they may require and what type of pharmaceutical/medical information they are interested in.
  • Vee Care will use the support of its Customer Relationship Division (CRM) to build customer relationship with a large pool of doctors and labs, as the logistics of supporting such a scattered group is enormous.
In short, Vee Care will offer its integrated medical back office facilities for pharmaceutical companies, to facilitate the way of doing business, sales and in building customer relationship.

Vee Care for you.


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