India's software industry is growing at a phenomenal 50% and is bound to cross the US$ 1 billion mark this year.

Amidst this thriving software scenario, Valliappa is all geared towards refurbishing the software market in Bangalore. This, by infusing development and enhancement in a market that's quickly progressing.
In India, Bangalore is known as its IT capital.   You  will  find  all  major electronic and IT companies of the world headquartered here. Digital, IBM,    Texas   Instruments, HP/Motorola are some of those who already have   software development centres in Bangalore. Located strategically at 1000 metres above sea level, it is well connected by air, rail and road. Bangalore is also home to the country's prestigious educational and research institutions. All of which makes this city fertile ground for software!

Amidst this thriving software scenario, Valliappa is all geared towards refurbishing the software market in Bangalore. This, by infusing development and enhancement in a market that's quickly progressing.

The Valliappa suite of software related services can be found through the following links:

Valliappa Software -Total Solutions
A Remote Enterprise Project Management Solution

Valliappa Software Technological Park's (VSTP) services to customers have evolved over the years from being total infrastructure providers. VSTP now provides Total Solutions. VSTP covers the entire gambit of setting up, a remote office i.e., procedures, staffing, administration, logistics, MIS, infrastructure etc.

VSTP works closely with partnering enterprises and literally acts as an overseas company's Indian arm. There are different modules that can be set up either by an overseas representative physically sitting in the Centre or in close interaction. The staffing needs/profiles and skill sets are carefully noted from the client's requirements and adhered to.

One of the biggest core strengths for us is that we have educational institutions (engineering management colleges), where 3000- 5000 students are studying. We get to hand pick the cream of talent.

A core committee comprising of teams from both the sides handles standard procedures and other operative issues.

Communication facility is a feather in our cap! We provide backbone service to the overseas gateway satellite company VSNL. We have an earth station dish which links to the satellite directly. (The only private building where this is in place in India as of now.)

In short, VSTP offers Total Solution in Infrastructure, Staffing, Logistics Management and Operations: The one stop centre for a total remote enterprise project management solution.

Will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.
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VSTP IDC Server Farm
VSTP is India's first Server Farm. It started offering back-bone infrastructure services to STPs way back in 1984 and still the only total plug-n-play infrastructure player ! Now, VSTP will extend these services to IDCs and co-location server farms....and more>>
Software Tech Park
Sona Towers was `the birthplace of software'. It was here that the first software technological park  in  India was set up!   As also the earth station, set up by VSNL. Software is the route to further growth today....more>>
VeeTechnologies -eLearning
Vee Technologies is an enterprise set up to concentrate on multimedia and Digital Content Creation ! In today's world of convergence, Digital Content is the focal point ! Computing devices, TV and media related areas, Video and the Internet all require Digital Content ! Vee Technologies is placed right in the centre of this convergence and ...more>>
We use high-end 3D software like 3D Stuidio, MAX, etc. for 3D modeling and animation works for all our visualising animation purposes. We have 2D animations for engineering visualisation to literature....more>>
Vscribe Medical transcription services.
Valliappa Transcriptions (Vscribe) mission is to be a world class transcription company offering quality transcriptions with high level accuracy to the delight of our customers...more>>
Range of health care industry services.
An integrated web based IT Support solution Valliappa Software Technological Park has set-up a separate healthcare division primarily; to address the healthcare industry, which is one of the most, diversified sectors. It encompasses doctors, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurance companies and patients....more>>